Eye/Lash Mites On My Client! What To Do

So its just another regular day at the lash studio; the birds are chirping, and its sunny outside. Your lovely client walks in and gets ready to show her lashes a little bit of love. Suddenly, as you begin to place your lint-free eye patches down, you notice this…








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LASH MITES! AGHHHH! Lash mites, or more accurately known as Demodex (mites) can sometimes naturally live on our bodies. However, they are attracted to the oils, dandruff, and debris left on your lashes [in particular] [1]. Because of this they love to flock to the base of your lashes and if left uncleaned, not only begin to mate and replicate on your lashes (GROSS!), but can also be the cause of an irritating and inflammatory eye condition called Blepharitis[2] [3]. Your eyes will become itchy, dry, scaly, red and swollen; especially in the morning as these critters are sensitive to light [1].

Other cause of this condition include:

  • Improper removal of makeup from the lashes/tear ducts [1]
  • Not regularly cleaning your lashes and tear ducts [3]
  • Improper cleaning procedures of eyelash application tool by lash technicians [2]


  • Eyelash extensions should not be applied to patients with irritated, or infested eyelids. Lash technicians are expected to encourage their clients to see an eye doctor.
  • Dr. Keshini Parbhu, of the Orlando Eye Institute’s Dry Eye Help Center, recommends that people change/clean their pillow cases often. “Those who choose to wear eyelash extensions should use medical grade cleansers containing tea tree oils,” she said [3]
  • Dr. Safran has patients follow this protocol [2]:
    – Use tea tree shampoo for the hair and eye lashes every day
    – Use tea tree soap or face wash every day
    – Women are encouraged to throw out makeup and refrain from its use for a week
    – Clean sheets and/or buy new pillows
    – Ensure your spouse and any pets that sleep on the bed are checked
    – During the course of a few weeks, patients should use tea tree ointment at night and immediately after the shampoo scrub “If there’s a lot of inflammation, I like Tobradex (tobramycin 0.3% and dexamethasone 0.1% sterile ophthalmic suspension and ointment, Alcon) that’s replaced by bacitracin or erythromycin after one week,” he said.

As Lash Technicians it is our responsibility to take care of the hygiene situation within our salon by correctly disinfecting our tools and disposing of those tools that are meant for one-time-only usage (i.e mascara wands, swabs, eye patches etc…). We can only go as far as to stress the importance of cleansing lashes to our clients; however, it is the clients responsibility to follow through with the advice from his/her technician in doing so.

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